Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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Assess Your Interests.

 If you have so many interests that it's hard for you to narrow them down, or if you've been working so hard that you've lost sight of what truly interests you, work through these eight questions to help you:

1. What social, environmental, cultural, religious, judicial or political issues do you find the most compelling?

2. On the job, when you choose a course or read an article in a trade or professional journal, what topics attract your attention because you are truly curious?

3. What magazines, books, TV shows, movies or Internet sites interest you?

4. Who are your role models and heroes?

5. How do you like to spend your time outside the workplace?

6. At social events, what topics of conversation do you welcome?

7. If you were to return to school, what would you study even if it had no obvious practical application?

8. If money were not an issue, how would you spend your time?

Source: Finding Your Strategic Advantage by Marge Watters


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