Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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Applied Research Methods to Develop Dynamic Expertise

Becoming the Authority in Your Field

Professor Steve Freeman * Six Wednesdays 6:30 - 9:30 * Fall .5 cu

The bad news:  It’s no longer enough to be competent. Sophisticated clients no longer look to the nearest source, but rather turn to the single source they perceive as authoritative -- no matter if they need to go across the country or around the world.

Globalization and vastly improved communications technologies have increasingly led to winner-take-all markets. Those who are recognized for being the best at what they do can sell their services anywhere and everywhere at top dollar, whereas those who lack such recognition find their knowledge and counsel valued less and less – if they are valued at all.

The good news: As graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania, you have an extraordinary opportunity to become the leading expert in a given domain in a few short years, maybe less.

This course is a practicum, one that allows you to take steps towards increasing your value as a knowledge worker by drawing from and synthesizing other aspects of your educational program and your professional experience and interests.

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