Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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Knowing What's Known

Coming up to speed on the state of knowledge in your domain

Received Wisdom

What are relevant problems and the framing of them?

What is the state of current “folk” knowledge? (What do ordinary potential users of this knowledge believe?)

What is the state of current scientific knowledge?

Literature Search:

(What is the state of current scientific knowledge?)

Conduct a literature search. What works are most cited? Who are the recognized academic experts?

What are the current leading theories and research methods?

What works seem to you to best elucidate your topic?

Can you identify any gaps/errors in current scientific knowledge?

Identify relevant communities

Trade Associations, Consulting firms, Publishers (Journals), Scientific Societies (Conferences), Accreditations and accrediting agencies

What are the terms and frames used by different disciplines and communities?

Theory and Practice:

Who are currently recognized as leading practicioners?

How did they get their expertise/recognition?

How much is written and how much is tacit?

How closely do Theory and Practice track each other? Which is more advanced?

Your Present and potential status as an authority

How close are you to expertise?



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