Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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Session 2: Identifying Possibilities of Expertise

 Session 2: Identifying Possibilities of Expertise

Identifying potential areas of expertise | Knowledge markets and "products" | Personal strategic advantages

Before one settles on any important choice, such as choosing a niche in which you will devote the greater part of the rest of your life, it's essential to know that you haven't overlooked or excluded some critical possibilities or critical data with which to make that choice. So a first step, before one begins to narrow any options, let alone make choices, is to expand options and expand your thinking. Divergent thinking is a generally important, but uncommon skill of the pre-eminent knowledge worker. We'll use these techniques of divergent thinking, as well as some techniques of innovation and creativity (especially creating a career) to expand options of both ends and means as we consider our skills, knowledge base, motivators, interests, experience, connections and other considerations.


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