Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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Session 3: Establishing Spheres of Interest

Blogging, Maintaining a Website, Social Media: Overview and Examples of How to Leverage Knowledge and Expertise

Blogging, becoming the node of a social network, establishing a website - these are ways of optimizing your niche and expanding your influence.  Think about examples of bloggers you follow - do you perceive them as credible experts? How do they provide value to readers?  Can one earn a living as a blogger? How does one develop and maintain a website, choose a theme, optimize keywords, enhance circulation, earn a living? What about  how social media has changed the ways in which we connect with one another? Facebook, Twitter and Linked In continue to evolve and impact our ability to leverage ourselves as authorities in our chosen areas of interest. 

Guest speakers Quang Ly and Jon Deutsch, former Organization Dynamics students, will share their experience on how to use blogs, a website and social media as part of an overall strategy to capitalize on expertise and/or make an impact.

Hillary Wittich, also a former OD student, will share how mind mapping enables her to capture a thought, and then uncover potential common threads, or themes as she begins to link thoughts together through associations and by cross linking through multiple maps.


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