Your Guide to Becoming the Authority in your Domain

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k21 Introduction

 Session 1: Introduction

Student Introductions: Why you're taking this course, and what you hope to get out of it. About me and why I created this course.

Overview of course themes: several technical aspects of developing expertise and several strategic aspects of developing expertise. General questions.

About knowledge work -- history and trends: First and foremost, experts are pre-eminent knowledge workers. Discussion points about knowledge work.

Identifying potential areas of expertise: Looking for the sweet spot where your interests and experiences overlap with areas of demand for expertise.

Assignments for next class: (1) Answer discussion questions about yourself and your world to help identify potential areas of expertise. (2) Think about people who might serve as models for the kind of expertise and authority you are striving to achieve. (3) Write a draft of a blog or an article in which you impart some useful knowledge to an identifiable audience (here are some article formats that should get you going easily) (4) Choose one area from the syllabus of particular relevance to your interests for which you can help develop a class session (readings, exercises, a guest, and/or discussion topics).


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